Hummingbird Technologies and Agrovista sign partnership agreement

HUMMINGBIRD Technologies has signed an agreement with Agrovista to provide a digital platform and remote sensing offering that complements existing agronomic services.

Using satellite data captured from arable fields, Hummingbird Technologies will create advanced crop analytics, powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence. 

Agrovista agronomists will use this to target crop walking and inform management decisions, by building a library of information on a per-field basis. The data will also be used to produce precise recommendations and application maps for fertiliser and plant protection products, targeting inputs and improving efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact.  

“We are delighted to be supporting Agrovista and their team of agronomists on the front line. The combination of our remote sensing and data analytics skills with Agrovista’s agronomic knowledge provides a high-quality service and robust support tool for farmers. Selling through the agronomy channel at scale is now our preferred route to market,” said Will Wells, Chief Executive Officer of Hummingbird Technologies.

Hummingbird has also developed an in-house cloud detection and coverage tool. This feature identifies and masks cloud cover from satellite imagery, facilitating the use of partially cloudy satellite images. This is achieved by allowing the user to set a flat rate to be applied to the areas of the field under cloud, whilst maintaining the VR across the remaining field. 

This tool is a point of difference for Hummingbird, significantly increasing the amount of usable surveys available to Agrovista and their customers so key application timings are not missed.

Head of Soil Health at Agrovista, Chris Martin, said: “Our agreement with Hummingbird is part of a wider business commitment to targeted agronomy, working alongside our customers to help them make fully-informed data-driven decisions that not only offer a good return on investment, but also accommodate wider environmental factors. 

“Agrovista aims to be abreast of the latest technological advancements so that our farmers can support UK food production in the most sustainable way possible, by using available tools effectively. 

“As a business, we believe in being open to partnerships that give our customers added value, that contribute to Agrovista’s ability to be a total solutions provider.”

About Agrovista

Agrovista UK Limited is a leading supplier of agronomy advice, seed, crop protection products and precision farming services. Working alongside the arable, fruit, vegetable, horticultural and amenity sectors, Agrovista is committed to helping customers manage their businesses more efficiently and more profitably.

Agrovista was established more than 60 years ago and actively practices values of honesty, integrity and fairness across all aspects of the business, whilst taking pride in an innovative approach to research and development. It also embraces care for the wider environment, with an understanding of the important role now played by all those who manage the land.

The business is part of leading European organisation Agrovista BV, and overseen by international parent company, Marubeni Corporation. This makes Agrovista a significant supplier of plant protection inputs and advice, with more than 20% of the UK crop protection market.

About Hummingbird

Hummingbird Technologies, founded at the Imperial College Technology Incubator by Will Wells in 2016, is a global leader in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics for agriculture. The company has 60 full time employees headquartered in London, with satellite offices in São Paulo, Sydney, Calgary, Lviv and Moscow. The company has completed three previous fundraising rounds with backers including: SALIC, BASF Venture Capital, has Downing Ventures, Sir James Dyson, the European Space Agency, Horizons Ventures and Velcourt Farming Group.

Hummingbird’s unique artificial intelligence, deep learning and imagery analytics solution uses proprietary algorithms driven by aerial images captured from satellites, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles. These tools deliver real-time actionable recommendations, which both improve performance on farms through precise targeting of operations and inputs, as well as providing evidence-based justification and Return on Investment (ROI) proof for decision-making.

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