Our contribution to COP26: Tech For Our Planet

Hummingbird Technologies were selected to take to the COP26 stage to present our ‘Digital Solutions for Climate Challenges’ by the Cabinet Office and PUBLIC on 11 November 2021.

This exciting opportunity enabled us to showcase our technology which uses earth observation, remote sensing and machine learning techniques to verify and monitor sustainability in agricultural systems.

Our Head of Sustainability Matthew Guinness shared how Hummingbird Technologies is running a groundbreaking pilot with the global bank Rabobank. In the US cornbelt, we’re using Machine Learning to detect regenerative agriculture practices by Rabobank’s farming clients. This involves collecting field level verification data for tillage, cover cropping, crop type and field size.

Rabobank has a target of sequestering or removing 1 billion TONNES of carbon by 2030 – and we’re working in partnership to help achieve this!

Only with satellite-based verification will regenerative ag programmes be:

  • Cost-effective and
  • Scalable

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It was an honour to be selected from hot competition for this Tech For Our Planet initiative and demonstrate how digital and data solutions can make a major and essential contribution to the global climate effort.

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