Helping the world’s 500 million farmers to monetise MRV

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Hummingbird Technologies provides monitoring, reporting & verification (MRV) tools to enable the programmes and schemes that reward farmers for MRV.


Using imagery analytics and data science, we aim to improve the MRV of global food production.

At Hummingbird Technologies, we are seeking to administer the transition towards agriculture practices that build healthier soils and increase biodiversity. With soil acting as a carbon sink and offseting greenhouse gas emissions, regenerative argriculture is seen as an essential farming technique that focuses upon healthy, organic treatment of soil that reduces the use of synthetic chemicals and heavy machinery.

Helping farmers to manage their farms accurately and cost effectively using satellite imagery analytics, we can facilitate land transformations that promote and maintain the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Monitoring, reporting and verifying data from key farm management practices will help provide more fertile ecosystems and encourage food security, whilst providing a solution to climate change.

The Benefits of
Regenerative Agriculture

  • Build Soil Health
  • Maintain Crop Yield
  • Increase Crop Resilience
  • Productive, Prosperous Farms
  • A Solution to Climate Change

A regenerative approach to sustainable farming.

With total global Greenhouse Gas emissions totalling 51 billion tonnes CO2e, carbon sequestration and the need for farmers to adopt and maintain best practices is essential for the reduction of carbon released into the atmosphere.

By implementing management practices that can lead to the restoration of soil health, improve biodiversity and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, we can meet many of the sustainable development goals whilst enabling and building more productive and prosperous farming communities.

Our scalable, cost effective monitoring and verification can provide an economic, as well as ecological, difference.

Total Global Greenhouse Gas emissions

51 Billion tonnes CO2e

How can we help implement regenerative agriculture?

We believe that creating incentives for farmers to adopt and maintain best practices will help to miminise climate related damages from the agriculture industry.

Working with programmes and organisations including the Rabo Carbon Bank, Agreena and others, we can enable farmers to get paid for regenerative agriculture practices. By providing the MRV to enable these systems to work reliably and accurately, farmers can start receiving payments for ecosystem services like carbon sequestration, water quality and soil health.

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