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Advanced crop analytics
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Next level farm insights

Hummingbird is a drone-enabled data and imagery analytics business for precision agriculture. Our technology uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field

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  • Early detection of crop diseases
  • Precision weed mapping
  • Accurate yield forecasting
  • Nutrient optimisation & planting
  • Plant growth monitoring

Actionable in-field analysis

  • >100,000

    Arable land owned or managed by Hummingbird’s stakeholders.

  • 34 million
    Data points/Hectare

    Robust algorithms and machine learning techniques uncover and decipher hidden patterns.

  • <24 hours
    Intelligence delivery

    Less than 24 hours to deliver intelligence, enabling faster and better decision making and input optimisation.

How we do it

  1. Drone surveying field

    1. Agri-pilot aerial survey

    Hummingbird’s drone platform is mounted with customised sensors and surveys agricultural land at critical decision-making points in the growing season.

  2. Hummingbird cloud analysis

    2. Advanced data analytics

    Imagery collected is uploaded to the Hummingbird cloud, before being processed with proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine learning techniques.

  3. Targeted insights

    3. Targeted insights

    Our mobile app and web based platform provides users with actionable intelligence and is compatible with existing farm management software.

About us

Our expert team of computer scientists, software engineers, big data experts and agronomists, combined with the backing of big agri-businesses and leading academic universities, provides Hummingbird with the dynamic tools to drive the next generation of precision agriculture.

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