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Transforming the agriculture industry

Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence business, using imagery and data analytics from satellite, drone, plane and robot technology, along with proprietary algorithms, to provide farmers with high-resolution maps of their crops at critical decision-making junctions in the season. Hummingbird uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field.

Hummingbird offers a range of different services across crops such as Cereals, Potatoes, Soybean, Sugar Beet and Oilseed Rape/Canola. These services include crop stress detection, detection of diseases, weed grass mapping, nutrient management mapping as well as yield prediction and plant counting in row crops.

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Our end-to-end process

takes less than 24 hours and is driven by proven and proprietary algorithms. The outcome is that farmers have maps as shapefiles to plug straight into equipment.

Actionable data within 24 hours

Through our web and mobile platforms, we make application maps available to farmers less than 24 hours after a flight and at a price that is accessible for long-term, sustained analysis – meaning faster and better decision making that allows you to optimise your farming inputs in real time.

“Across the UK there is a wealth of innovative start-ups redefining what it means to be a farmer or a land manager, and how to farm effectively and sustainably. One company, Hummingbird Technologies uses crop mapping to identify problems in drainage, compaction, nutrition, weeds and pests before they become devastating, and it can pre-emptively detect the presence of particular diseases like potato blight and blackgrass.”

Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Analysis and Learning

Custom-built, cutting-edge technology

Delivering advanced insights on crop health

Tailored to the exact needs of the farmer

What sets our technology apart?

Our range of crop management tools, which provide detailed insight into how crops are growing

Make more informed input decisions on crop health

Enable precision agriculture and accuracy in yield forecasting

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