Enabling regenerative agriculture through data science

Enabling regenerative agriculture through data science

Measure and monitor supply chains from space

Artificial Intelligence for agri-food businesses

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Transforming the Food & Agriculture industry

Hummingbird Technologies are a world leading imagery analytics provider. Our AI informed insights enables our customers across the Agriculture vertical to:

  • Predict and benchmark performance
  • Measure and model sustainability
  • Geospatially map their supply chain
  • Optimise chemical input usage

By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, our mission is to improve the efficiency of global crop production, and to feed the world’s growing population sustainably.

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We are supported by some of the biggest names in Food & Agriculture, Technology, Science and Venture Capital

Hummingbird's remote sensing AI works anywhere, but we have an on the ground presence in 10 countries

Please contact us directly for more information on how our technology can be applied for your use case.

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C02e Savings

>45,000 tonnes

The Platform

Our artificial intelligence SaaS platform uses the latest deep learning and computer vision techniques along with proprietary algorithms to provide actionable intelligence to farmers and agri-businesses at key decision-making times in the growing season. We analyse remote sensing data to help farmers identify early problems in their crops such as crop health, disease risk & detection, weed mapping and yield prediction.

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Advanced Analytics

Our platform is utilised at key decision-making points in the growing season to allow intelligent and specific information to inform chemical or operational input decisions that decrease costs and improve outputs. The data which we provide has the allows farmers to become more sustainable, whilst saving money.

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Our developer friendly API can integrate seamlessly across the farm verticals supply chain.

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