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Advanced crop analysis software that learns

From flight to actionable data within 24 hours

Founded in the UK with operations in Brazil, Russia & Ukraine, we enable farmers and agronomists to gain a detailed understanding of their crop at a high resolution in a very short space of time. Our platform delivers actionable data to farmers 24 hours after a flight at a price that is accessible long-term. With our range of crop management tools, we can provide detailed insight into how crops are growing to help you make more informed input decisions on crop health. We have developed the platform to target your needs, with a mobile app that supports crop walking alongside downloadable maps at the click of a button.

Our products
Beeswax Dyson
Planet labs
UK space agency
Sense fly
Worth farms
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From the air to your hand in under 24 hours
Data collection
We have flown over 5,000 flights across 120,000 hectares for farmers and agronomists to evaluate the health of their crops.
Analysis & learning
Our custom-built, cutting-edge technology uses the most advanced techniques available to deliver insights on crop health tailored to the exact needs of the farmer.
Targeted insights
What really sets our technology apart is our range of crop management tools, which provide detailed insight into how crops are growing to make more informed input decisions on crop health to enable precision agriculture and accuracy in yield forecasting.
Our clients say ...

We are aware of the impact of global population growth and the associate increase in food consumption over the next 30 or so years. We want to do what we can to help farmers and the industry achieve this production growth in the most sustainable way. Funding innovative start-up companies with the technology and know-how to revolutionise the way we farm is just one way we can do that.

Emma Fletcher – SmithsonHill (investor)

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