Summer 2020

Quarterly Round Up

In what has been a challenging few months for us all, Hummingbird Technologies are proud to have adapted to the new way of working and have been working harder than ever to ensure our technology meets the demands of the changing global situation, whilst ensuring that it is fully accessible to our clients.

Our global teams have also been busy innovating and piloting new projects, as well as giving our website a fresh new look.

Reseller Partnerships

We are delighted to have signed a number of reseller partnerships across the globe, with a number of leading agri-businesses including:

Airsens in South Korea, Allterra Hungary, Smallridge Bros Ltd, Afridrones in Namibia, Smart Ag Services Ltd, GeosAero, to name but a few.

New territories and products

We have been expanding our suite of products across territories and are happy to launch a lettuce planting and sizing tool for our Spanish speaking customers.

Our cutting-edge AI scans drone imagery for lettuces. It automatically draws the contours of each plant in the field to calculate their size accurately. In addition, we have developed our technology to enable customised solutions for any problems specifically noted by the grower.


The team have been pioneering Trials as a Service (TaaS) for seed production!

Our Canadian team can support trials and produce detailed reports to help you make data driven decisions.

We’ve also been working on Benchmarking for seed production which allows you to compare your fields, ranking them in order of performance. You can then select four fields to see their performance over a season.


The Russian team has been working closely with clients this month, monitoring cereals crops to determine a suitable harvest date and order to maximise efficiencies. This use of remote sensing has proved a valuable insight management tool which the clients are really pleased with.

The next steps following harvest will be focusing on the winter cereal drilling, using our variable rate seeding plans to create an even emergence and to maximise yield potentials for the 20/21 season.


We have been Flying Trial Plots, to give analytical insights for a client conducting plot level chemical comparison trials, available as part of our comprehensive Trials as a Service (TaaS) package.

As we were the winner of the 2019 Agri-tech Innovator of the Year, we’ve been invited back to sit on the British Farming Awards judging panel! Our very own Head of UK Sales, Helen Keevil, will be ranking the top five entries for this year’s award.


In Brazil we’re delighted to have been featured in Orchestra Innovation Center podcast, where the CEO, Nathalia Secco, mentioned our work during her latest episode.


Merged Grid Application Plans

With harvest planning or in some regions underway across the UK and Europe, our desiccation zoning tool allows you to set threshold limits, creating zones for higher or lower chemical application rate, targeting areas of the crop that have not senesced or have green weed content.

We can now present these plans as merged grids, reducing operational friction in control boxes.

Compare Multiple Sites

We can now generate and display bench marking and field comparison data *side by side* for multiple farms and fields. Use our analytics dashboard to provide a detailed and accurate overview of your crops throughout the season. For clients with multiple farms under management, this is a fantastic analytical tool.

Wide Row Weed Mapping Tool

Use our new Wide Row Weed Mapping tool to identify weed pressure in your sugarcane crop.

If you would like to know more about this and our other weed mapping product services, please contact our sales team


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